Course Name: Multilevel Politics: The European Union In Comparative Perspective

University: University of Toronto

Summary: The objectives of the course are to provide students with a thorough overall study of the European Union. The autumn term compares and contrasts the EU with other federal systems. The term investigates the nature of “European” identity, the wide range of European Union institutions, the impact of enlargement on post-communist states, the crises that the contemporary European Union is going through and the EU’s emerging Common Foreign and Security Policy and its relationship to transatlantic issues and NATO. The spring term course studies the role, attitudes and policies of key EU member states in Atlantic Europe (UK), Core Europe (France, Germany) and Old Europe (Eastern Europe). The European Union’s policies towards countries on the fringes of Europe – Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Trans-Caucasus are covered – together with support for, or opposition within these countries towards cooperation and integration with the EU.